Many challenges seem overwhelming to consider, let alone overcome. As a result, it’s easy to repress them and hope they go away while they linger and actually get worse over time.

That’s why STRE.ME’s Value Shift process uses clarity and structure to develop solutions that are based on your unique goals, challenges, assets, liabilities, opportunities, and threats.

It makes the process of overcoming challenge easier and more manageable and actionable. And, when you do, you’ll accelerate growth by enabling achievement and getting closer to fulfilling your potential.

Here’s a very real solution to those nagging vague ideas of what you need to do to grow your business.  You know - those ideas that you keep thinking you’ll get around to figuring out someday.  But through the Value Shift process, Jack took us from vague and nagging to clear and actionable.  Value Shift is an extensive and revealing exercise!

Carl Moellering, President of Moellering Management

Value Shift will:

  • Clarify how to overcome challenges that hold you back
  • Leverage assets and liabilities you control and opportunities and threats beyond your control
  • Develop a manageable, actionable, and measurable solution that you determine
  • Prepare your small business to go farther faster
  • Complement other strategic analyses like market analysis, competitive intelligence, buyer personas, and value proposition development

Value Shift rocked my business! It unlocked knowledge and perspectives that I didn't know I was missing. You're already an expert at what your business does. This process takes you inside the HOW and WHY of your business, giving you insights for action. This isn't some fluffy 'feel good about what you do' thing; it's a hard-core analysis that blasts open the walls holding you back and sets your business free.

John Kaufeld, Million-Selling Author and Speaker

The Value Shift process was incredibly helpful in creating clarity and structure for my business. With Jack's guidance throughout the process, I was able to better define what our strengths and assets are and how we can leverage those towards the growth of our company. We're super grateful that we were able to go through such a helpful and clarifying process.

Aaron Robles, CEO of Founders Spark and HYPRNOVA