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Learn the ways implicit biases influence employee engagement, retention, and innovation.

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See how to create a culture of accountability.

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Develop a conscious and accountable culture that achieves its objectives while still generating profit.

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Influence Employee Engagement

If you want to reduce the effect of implicit biases in your workplace, then you'll need to shine a light on these deeply personal and pervasive blindspots in safe spaces.

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Improve Employee Retention

Individuals who perceive bias in the workplace are three times more likely to be disengaged and plan to leave their job.

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Encouraging Employee Innovation

Build stronger team dynamics and improve critical thinking by equipping your team to manage their implicit biases.

"STRE.ME brings unknown implicit biases to light, and its daily tracking practice encourages conscious and intentional decision making. Participants who completed STRE.ME reported thinking critically about their own biases and those they witnessed, being slower to judgements and assumptions, and choosing to engage in uncomfortable but necessary conversations."

Social Impact Director From Top-100 National University

Frequently asked questions

STRE.ME offers a convenient, individualized, and confidential way for people to learn about the effects that biases have on themselves and others. In addition to learning about 16 of their implicit biases, participants learn how to build habits for becoming aware of those biases while making decisions.

STRE.ME's delivery method is more effective and efficient than common training methods. STRE.ME allows business leaders to rapidly deploy relevant experiences that help participants learn to improve the way they communicate and work together and to help serve customers in less time with lasting change.

No. Implicit biases are never shared unless participants willingly do so. STRE.ME’s technology is designed to suppress these data from any STRE.ME employee or customer to maintain ethical boundaries.

The program lasts six (6) weeks for participants and two to three more for first-time cohort and team leaders.

STRE.ME collects, analyzes, and shares data to nurture individual, team, and cohort progress in a variety of ways. At no point are implicit association test results shared. Moreover, all analytics are given to business leaders as a way to receive directional cues for proactive employee engagement. STRE.ME's real-time insights show how participants are feeling and doing about their progress while maintaining ethical boundaries between employees and employers.

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