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STRE.ME’s software helps people become more conscious and inclusive for healthy and profitable work environments.

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STRE.ME Tablet & Phone

Identify and disrupt biases that hurt your people and business

Empower employees and teams to engage in a healthy and productive work environment. Transform disengagement and dysfunction before it’s too late.

Team Potential

Unlock your team’s potential

Go from mindlessly being on autopilot to becoming more conscious and inclusive team members. Identify unconscious biases that hold them back.

Stop Watch

Improve productivity and engagement in six minutes a day

Stop quietly accepting the status quo and make others feel seen, heard, and valued. Disrupt biased thinking and behavior.

High Five

Solve problems together in healthy and productive ways

Lead your team from dreading work to being engaged in fulfilling your mission while producing better results.

"STRE.ME brings unknown implicit biases to light...and provides an incredibly helpful vehicle for self-reflection and growth."

Social Impact Leader

How does STRE.ME work?

Organize everyone into a four-week cohort to explore unconscious biases about yourself and others. Leaders access STRE.ME’s analytics to see teams disrupt biases.

Your cohort practices key concepts together and shares learning experiences through scheduled workshops.

Individuals access STRE.ME’s mobile app to learn how to identify and disrupt biased thinking and behavior without sharing their biases.

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