Everyone has implicit biases — mechanics, teachers, even doctors — and there’s no way to eliminate them. In healthcare, this is why STRE.ME’s implicit bias platform improves patient satisfaction, outcomes, and hospital profitability by tackling the $270B spent every year on premature deaths and avoidable costs as a result of biases and inequities. In industry, this leads to employee burnout and turnover, and significant costs. Gallup estimates disengaged employees cost $450-550 billion per year domestically and that U.S. businesses are losing $1 trillion every year from employee turnover. And this damage is avoidable and self-inflicted.

STRE.ME is on a mission to create communities with positively intentioned interactions that promote equitable outcomes by managing implicit biases. STRE.ME enables HR and DEI leaders to rapidly deploy individualized bias education on a software platform. Users learn how to manage implicit biases and to improve their communication, decision making, and interactions with others, all while being held accountable for applying what they learn. This is more than race and check-the-box training — STRE.ME equips individuals to create intentional interactions that promote equitable outcomes and boost profitability and productivity by managing implicit biases.

STRE.ME is the culmination of research and real-world experience from its leaders, all of whom have unique skill sets. When combined, the leadership team complements STRE.ME's solution to evolve equity and accountability by teaching people how to create positively intentioned interactions that promote equitable outcomes.

Jack Patton, Chief Executive Officer, launched STRE.ME to simplify behavior change and for being accountable during the decision-making process. He has led strategic growth and behavior change while leveraging and building technology in multiple organizations. His previous leadership roles have transformed companies and teams through behavioral sciences research and applications, supported business executives, solved growth challenges as a leader, and led strategy, marketing, and tech teams and initiatives. Jack is a graduate of Indiana University, Northwestern University, and the New School University.

As STRE.ME's Chief Equity Officer, Anne Marie Labenberg is a registered nurse, serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and trained over 15k individuals in implicit bias training, specifically in health, across the U.S. She is well versed in change management theory and application, advocates for under-served populations, and tackles health challenges as a practitioner. Anne Marie earned degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University, Western Governors University, Penn State University, and the University of Saint Francis.

STRE.ME's Chief Technology Officer is Kirk Williams, who specializes in complex systems and how humans interact with machines. He earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University by researching the impact of technology on society and culture. Kirk joined the faculty at Yale University as an Assistant Professor and, after 8 years, entered the corporate world before founding KW Works in 2010.

As a STRE.ME advisor, Bernard Lopez, MD, is the Associate Provost of Diversity & Inclusion for Thomas Jefferson University and the Associate Dean of Diversity & Community Engagement in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. As an expert in implicit bias, Dr. Lopez also leads the University’s strategic efforts on diversity and inclusion within the academic pillar. In addition to these roles, Dr. Lopez is an emergency medicine specialist – he completed a residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital where he currently practices in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

As the CEO and Co-Founder of MentorcliQ, an award-winning mentoring software solution, Phil George brings extensive technology, fundraising, leadership, and talent development experience as an advisor. Under Mr. George's leadership, MentorcliQ's growth includes Fortune 500 customers, raising more than $10 million in capital, and a strategic firm acquisition, all of which make for a B2B software solution that delivers real results.

STRE.ME's mission is to create cultures of awareness and accountability, and our vision is to help the world promote equitable outcomes.

Core values include: consume our services; increase clarity, structure, and motivation; promote the future with abundance; validate assumptions; improve performance; and rise to the occasion.