STRE.ME helps hospitals rapidly deploy custom implicit bias training on a software platform. Users take implicit association tests (IAT) to learn what biases they have, watch video segments based on their results, and set/track goals to work with their biases while being nurtured to increase accountability towards making better decisions.

STRE.ME is the culmination of research and real-world experience from its leaders. Each team member has unique a skill set which, when combined, complement STRE.ME's solution to evolve equity and accountability.

Jack Patton, Chief Executive Officer, launched STRE.ME to simplify the growth process for being accountable and for prioritizing and acting on what matters most. He has led growth efforts and behavior change while leveraging and building technology. His previous leadership roles have transformed companies and teams through behavioral sciences research and applications, supported business executives, solved growth challenges as a leader, and led strategy, marketing, and tech initiatives. Jack is a graduate of Indiana University, Northwestern University, and the New School University.

Anne Marie Labenberg, Chief Equity Officer, is a registered nurse, serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and trained over 15k individuals in implicit bias training across the U.S. She is well versed in change management theory and application, advocates for under-served populations, and tackles health challenges as a practitioner. Anne Marie earned degrees from Indiana Wesleyan University, Western Governors University, Penn State University, and the University of Saint Francis.

As STRE.ME's Chief Technology Officer, Kirk Williams specializes in complex systems and how humans interact with machines. He earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University by researching the impact of technology on society and culture. Kirk joined the faculty at Yale University as an Assistant Professor and, after 8 years, entered the corporate world before founding KW Works in 2010.