Ever feel like, as a small business owner, you’re working in the business more than on it? Or, are you frustrated by the pace of growth, always needing more customers, or constantly putting out fires? Maybe all of the above. If so, then that’s precisely why STRE.ME exists. It’s the result of seeing so many organizations compromise their potential by simply failing to plan and use strategy to grow.

After serving in several leadership positions with an array of clients and organization for over ten years, Jack Patton launched STRE.ME Strategy Services to shift small business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders towards fulfilling their potential by simplifying the business growth process.

This passion for the “business of the business” includes finding ways to provide clarity, structure, and accountability around the priorities that matter most. Simply put, there’s a much better way for small businesses to operate. And, when they do, everyone benefits. Organizations and people evolve, jobs are created, and nearly 100 percent of our country’s businesses improve. That’s right, 99.68 percent of U.S. firms are small businesses that employ fewer than 500 people (according to the Small Business Administration). This means 48% of the people working are employed by these small businesses. Heck, you probably know someone employed by a small business. To this end, just imagine what the slightest improvement could mean to local incomes, education, and healthcare, even if 1 in 10 of these firms performed slightly better. The effects would be palpable. That is precisely why STRE.ME’s goal is to simplify business growth for busy executives.

STRE.ME’s solutions are designed to overcome common challenges that require high cost and complexity to overcome. Most business owners and leaders are so focused on keeping up with everything that it’s nearly impossible to consider finding time to plan. It simply feels like an unrealistic luxury. But it’s not. Planning and using strategy to create competitive advantages, responding to your environment, capitalizing on growth opportunities, and visualizing how to improve simply lets businesses perform better.

Almost every organization wants to evolve. The question becomes, what’s the easiest or most effective and efficient way to do so. This is what strategy does, and this is why Jack is so passionate about assisting small businesses.

Jack Patton, MBA, MM

Jack thrives on creating destinations and clear paths, moving businesses forward, collaborating, and embracing challenges with optimism. He’s often described as the “architect,” and the following assessments exemplify these traits.

  • Myers-Briggs: INTJ “Architect” for strategy, innovation, and high standards
  • Gallup Entrepreneurial Profile: disruptor, determination, delegator, and risk with an activation style to achieve goals through persistence, collaboration, and incremental progress
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder: focus, significance, deliberative, responsibility, and competition for relentlessly working towards goals and keeping everyone on point
  • DISC: high D and C for dominance and compliance to focus on tasks with urgency and precision
  • Enneagram: 1, 3, and 4 for the reformer, achiever, and individualist to be principled, purposeful, self-controlled, success-oriented, sensitive, and introspective

Jack is a graduate of Indiana University (Fort Wayne), Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), and the New School University (New York, NY). He’s available to learn about your growth opportunities and can be contacted through info@stre.me.

In short, Jack has experienced the challenges of leading small businesses and organizations first hand. It is possible to flourish and to avoid compromising your potential.


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