Built With The End In Mind

It can be frustrating, exhausting, and absolutely no fun to constantly put out fires, feel overwhelmed, and fear pursuing what you know is best. That’s no way to live.

Borne out of a desire to live with more purpose and less frustration, STRE.ME integrates research theory and real-world application to do just this. STRE.ME products simplify the growth process, whatever that means to you. Here are the people and products designed for each other.

Organizational Leaders

The advocates of change who want to do better and be more focused and aligned.

  • Startup founders
  • Small business owners and leaders
  • Executives and mid-managers
  • LEDOs and ESOs 

Coaches and Consultants

The ones who care enough to teach, guide, and provide accountability and want to visualize progress along the way.

  • Business 
  • Career 
  • Leadership
  • Personal (e.g., fitness, nutrition, and spiritual)

High Achievers

For those who’ve always had goals and make themselves accountable.

  • College students (scholarship recipients, academic probation, freshmen-level status, and computer science majors) 
  • Professionals
  • Parents