Welcome to STRE.ME's private beta test!

It means a lot for you to explore and experiment with this new technology. Thank you. The mobile app is designed to enable you to progress with purpose through:

  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Visualizing progress
  • Setting and receiving nurturing messages
  • Inviting an accountability partner to view your progress
  • Onboarding and training material

As part of this testing process, we ask you to:

  • Track daily progress
  • Provide feedback on the app's functionality, design, and experience via the app
  • Respond to three confidential and anonymous surveys, which will be sent via email and can be completed in fewer than five minutes apiece. The first will be sent before using the app and the others after using it for 28 days. Please note: this study is being conducted in conjunction with the Organizational Leadership Department at Purdue Fort Wayne as part of the Purdue Technical Assistance Program (TAP). Findings will be used for product development purposes and to help others progress with purpose.

To get started, please provide the following information and review the Beta User Test Agreement. You agree to these terms by submitting your information, which complies with our Privacy Policy.

Please send questions to info@stre.me.