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STRE.ME Certified Practitioner In Implicit Bias Management

Earners of the STRE.ME Certification In Implicit Bias Management have demonstrated a level of awareness and accountability for managing their implicit biases. STRE.ME certification earners learn how to recognize and manage their biases, how to apply new knowledge and reflect on their decisions.

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In this six-week experience, participants learn about bias basics, 15 implicit associations, human interactions, and related cultural, societal, and historical information. Earners learn how to recognize and manage their biases, how to track progress and reflect on their decisions. Certification holders also build and demonstrate a level of awareness and accountability for managing their implicit biases. This demonstrates an openness to improve the way earners make better decisions and connect, interact, communicate, and work with others.

Required Course

Earners must complete assigned implicit association tests, learning pathways, and questionnaires over a six-week timeline. STRE.ME’s mobile app creates a snackable, personalized, and confidential experience that helps to learn as you go, wherever it’s most convenient. Earners increase awareness and accountability for managing their implicit biases from mental health to ethnicity, race, and age. Micro-videos make it easy to start and start as needed, and curriculum goals are given to track daily for building new habits. Implicit association test results are never shared to let you earners learn in a safe space in just a few minutes a day, wherever life goes.

Awareness and Accountability Assessment

Earners must develop and apply habits to recognize and manage implicit biases. STRE.ME’s proprietary scoring system for users tracks the degree to which new knowledge is applied over the program’s six-week timeline. This helps to ensure new habits are built and sufficient awareness and accountability for managing implicit biases are demonstrated. Participants who fall short of the qualifying score still have the opportunity to learn about an array of their implicit associations and to be equipped with the tools necessary for improved decision-making, communication, and interaction with others.

Complete Knowledge Assessment

Earners must complete two assigned questionnaires to measure learning outcomes. This is an important part of completing the learning path and assessing knowledge retention through 15 multiple-choice questions.

Frequently asked questions

Your STRE.ME experience will start on the following Monday. In meantime, your STRE.ME account will be set up and you’ll receive information on the Thursday before your cohort begins. You can also send questions to support@stre.me.

STRE.ME offers a convenient, individualized, and confidential way for people to learn about the effects that biases have on themselves and others. In addition to learning about 16 of their implicit biases, participants learn how to build habits for becoming aware of those biases while making decisions.

STRE.ME's delivery method is more effective and efficient than common training methods. STRE.ME allows business leaders to rapidly deploy relevant experiences that help participants learn to improve the way they communicate and work together and to help serve customers in less time with lasting change.

No. Implicit biases are never shared unless participants willingly do so. STRE.ME’s technology is designed to suppress these data from any STRE.ME employee or customer to maintain ethical boundaries.

The program lasts six (6) weeks for participants and two to three more for first-time cohort and team leaders.

STRE.ME collects, analyzes, and shares data to nurture individual, team, and cohort progress in a variety of ways. At no point are implicit association test results shared. Moreover, all analytics are given to business leaders as a way to receive directional cues for proactive employee engagement. STRE.ME's real-time insights show how participants are feeling and doing about their progress while maintaining ethical boundaries between employees and employers.

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Buy Certification - $99