Your implicit association test score shows that you have a Strong-Moderate Automatic Association of Euro Americans with being American and Asian American with being Foreign.

Next Steps

Track progress towards making better decisions in the app with the new primary goal to make better decisions and behavior and resource action steps.

Add and track these goals to the app at app.stre.me.

Review Your Daily Prompts

Please review your daily prompts in the Growth Guide by asking yourself the following questions.

  1. What did you learn about your perceptions of different social groups today?
  2. Did these perceptions influence stories you tell about different people today?
  3. What media (social media, online, movie, magazine, book, television, and/or newspaper) did I consume today?
  4. Were biases evident in the media I consumed today?
  5. Did the people with whom I interacted today affect my decisions? If so, how?