The idea of growth or following a dream can be overwhelming, feel unrealistic, and even tough to say out loud, let alone pursue. It requires tons of vulnerability, clarity, and structure and often feels like the odds are stacked against you.

This is why STRE.ME enables individuals, teams, and organizations to progress with purpose. Our products and services are the culmination of applying research and real-world experience to simplifying the growth process for those who have the courage and desire to earn their future.

No matter what type of goal-setter you are — high achiever, organizational leader, or coach/consultant — STRE.ME makes it possible to earn your future.

This is why STRE.ME's mission is to progress with purpose. Moreover, its guiding principles are to:

  • Use our products and services
  • Increase clarity, structure, and motivation
  • Promote the future with abundance
  • Validate assumptions
  • Embrace process as a product
  • Rise to the occasion

After serving in several leadership positions with an array of clients and organizations, Jack Patton launched STRE.ME to provide goal-setting products and services that enable others to progress with purpose. 

Jack Patton Profile
Jack Patton, STRE.ME CEO and Founder

Jack is a graduate of Indiana University (Fort Wayne), Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), and the New School University (New York, NY). He is available to learn about your growth opportunities and can be contacted at info@stre.me.

Jack thrives on creating destinations and clear paths, moving businesses forward, collaborating, and embracing challenges with optimism. He’s often described as the “architect,” and the following assessments exemplify these traits.

  • Myers-Briggs: INTJ “Architect” for strategy, innovation, and high standards
  • Gallup Entrepreneurial Profile: disruptor, determination, delegator, and risk with an activation style to achieve goals through persistence, collaboration, and incremental progress
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder: focus, significance, deliberative, responsibility, and competition for relentlessly working towards goals and keeping everyone on point
  • DISC: high D and C for dominance and compliance to focus on tasks with urgency and precision
  • Enneagram: 3 with a 4 wing for the reformer, achiever, and individualist to be principled, purposeful, self-controlled, success-oriented, sensitive, and introspective

In short, Jack has experienced the opportunities and challenges of setting and structuring the right goals while leading individuals, teams, and organizations, first-hand, and knows it is possible to flourish with purpose.